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pledge manager will be closing on the 30th of April 2017


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Vengeance was successfully funded by 1,574 backers on Kickstarter.
This Game Pledge campaign extends that crowdfunding further and helps manage pledges made through these campaigns. It is also your last chance to make a pledge towards funding Vengeance at a low introductory price, as well as choosing from a range of cool add-ons. Note that shipping of items is expected in July 2017.

A very, very clever action dice puzzle game.
- Rahdo Runs Through.

"There are very few games out there that really capture exactly the feel of what they’re going for. A lot of games try. But there are some games that do it perfectly. Vengeance is definitely one of them."
- Undead Viking.


Vengeance is a miniatures board game that embodies the essence of pulp revenge movies like Kill Bill, Old Boy, Django Unchained and the like. You play a hero that has been left for dead by shady underworld gangs, out to avenge yourself.

You win by building your hero up into an unstoppable killing machine, mowing down the villains who wronged you, bursting into their bosses’ dens to lay down your vengeance upon them in action-packed fight sequences.

Over 80 testers in Europe and the US have participated in the game's blind testing process. The following are the elements of the game testers enjoyed most:

  • fights feel fluid and dynamic, like an actual fight sequence, despite their being turn based. 
  • building a string of combos and pulling them off during fight turns. 
  • the variety of strategies possible. 
  • the balance of chance and strategy/puzzle solving.

The Vengeance core game supports 1-4 players and takes 30 minutes per player to complete. The core game includes 4 gangs: Zuce Clan, Lordz, Tengu-Kai and the Hell Riders. The Rosari Gang Pack expansion adds a new gang, a new hero and the necessary components to take the maximum number of players to 5.

Have a look at the quick guide here to get an idea of how the game works or read through the main rulebook here.

Vengeance will include rules in French, Spanish and German available for download in .pdf format soon after the campaign ends.   


The game alternates between Montage and Fight turns. In Montage turns you heal and upgrade your hero with new abilities and items. You also scout gang dens to find the bosses who wronged you and take revenge in the Fight turn. This is done through a combination of a pooled dice draft combined with a selection of possible Montage actions unique to each hero. 

The Fight turn is the heart of the game. Pick a gang den containing a boss you have beef with and burst in to exact bloody revenge. You gain VPs for killing the boss, clearing the den from all the minions or both for maximum points.


Fights are basically dice-based puzzles. In each round of the Fight you roll a set of dice and decide the order in which to play them. Upgrade skills and items allow you to swap die-results or string them together to perform enemy-slapping combos giving you more control over their fight actions.