Update #40 - The Cogs are Moving

Dear all, it's been a while since our last update.  The main reason for that is that we've been iterating on the samples for the various components with the factory on a daily basis and could not really give you concrete news until we have all the components approved. We are now happy with all the components and have hit the shiny red button! The cogs are whirring people!

The Minis

We had a lot of back and forth on these. We made sure that we checked every change and correction physically, not using photos and thus oversaw every step of the creation of the masters and the production samples.  The final result is absolutely worth the work. To be honest, we expected to lose a lot of the detail on things like chains, jewellery etc given the production process on plastics, but these turned out much better than expected. It would be rude to say that they are better than some of the more reputable miniature games out there, but let's say they are definitely on par with the best of them.  

The Dens, Tokens and Character Boards

We decided to increase the thickness of these from 1.5mm to 2mm to ensure they won't warp and also because the chunkier thickness makes them feel good.  This means that the weight of the box has gone up and in some regions will most likely increased the postage price as we were right on the mark before. We will obviously bear this cost ourselves.

The Tokens and Character Boards have also increased to 2mm for consistency.  

We had some back and forth on the linen finish as we were not happy with the samples sent. This delayed the process somewhat as we wanted to see the actual offset print on the linen which took some time to provide. Digital print can be quite different, especially on the linen finish.  This has also been approved and, once again, looks great.

The Dice

These were a slam dunk from the first sample. A really great job.

So yes people, production is trucking along at breakneck pace. The factory will have an accurate production timeline out to us soon, but I didnt want to wait for that to post an update. So far we're supposed to be on track for the latest date we had announced, that is, mailing out packages at the end of August.

That's all for now folks! 


The Mighty Boards Team