Update #39 - Production Status and Wall of Vengeance

Production And Delivery Status

The levers have been pulled and the machines at the factory have started spinning.  This means that we were now provided with a more accurate production timeline and delivery date. Unfortunately we are going to be a month late. We'll start mailing packages to you towards the end of August instead of the end of July. 

Why the delay? It's mainly cause we're being extra careful to proof the death out of everything, streamlining the phrasing on the cards (little as there is) and iterating heavily on the rulebook and quickstart guide icons, examples and parsing for overall clarity.  We have also been iterating on the miniature masters with the factory and we have gotten to a place where we've physically seen the masters and they look absolutely stunning.  

Apologies for the extra month, but as we said before, we'd rather nail the quality than rush the thing out.  

Over-Strech Goal

To thank you all for the insane support and generosity we have added a little new stretch-goal that we were going to send out as one of the final ones but then held back after some heathen unbeilevers in the team didn't share my (Gordon's) excitement for the Wall Of Vengeance.  

So the Wall of Vengeance is a stand to prop up the scummy bastards you've high-kicked into oblivion.  The idea came from the brilliant Rahdo who rightly pointed out that it's weirdly fun to stand the eliminated Boss cards, but for satisfaction's sake and also to quickly see how many of each is still lurking in the dens.  We were initially going to have this made as a cardboard stand, but then we thought our artistic director, Mark, came up with a great idea: incorporate the Wall of Vengeance into the plastic insert itself!

After a lot of back and forth with the factory we have an overly glossy shot of what it will look like:

So basically you can take that part of the plastic insert out and prop it on the side of the game, sending all of your mushed Bosses slapping against it when you off them.

It's a small thing, but one our testers found very useful during play-tests (even though they were just using the side of a box).

The final product will be matte. We're not keen on the glossy insert if we can help it. I'll leave you with a close up of the thing. Have a great weekend!

 Have a good weekend!