Update #41 - Publishing Partners and Miniature Images

We are proud to announce that Mighty Boards will be partnering up with several publishers to spread the Vengeful word across the globe.  Ok, maybe not the WHOLE globe yet, but we're working on it. 

North America

Vengeance will be co-published in North America by Greenbrier Games. They will represent us at U.S. based fairs and will be in charge of distributing and marketing the game in that region.


Next up we are thrilled to be working with Heidelberger-Asmodee who have translated the game into German and will be publishing the game in Germany. A special thanks here goes out to Roland Goslar, game designer at Heidelberger, who went the extra mile to not only improve the rulebook for the German audience, but gave a lot of generous feedback on the English version as well and improved the rulebook a great deal. Thanks Roland! Only the core box will be published in German for now.


Edge Entertainment have translated the game into both Spanish and French and will be publishing the game in France and Spain. Both the Core Box and the Rosari Expansion will be available in both languages. 

U.K. and English Version for the Rest of Europe

Finally, Esdevium Games will be distributing the game in the U.K. and all of Europe in English.

It's worth mentioning that Heidelberger, Edge and Esdevium are part of the Asmodee family and thus Vengeance will be getting the Asmodee treatment in Europe. 

What does this mean for Vengeance and you?

These partnerships are very important to us.  Hailing as we do from the tiny island country of Malta (it actually exists), we have a bit of a problem getting to conventions in person and generally being connected to what goes on in mainland Europe, let alone the US, where the majority of our clientele resides.  This means that we need the help of these great companies to market and showcase the game for us.  


Regardless of our location, being a tiny studio we also need the help of publishers and distributors to get our games to shops. Having a presence at conventions and shops helps spread the world about the IP and thus grow it further, making it easier for us to make expansions and other titles within the Vengeance world, which we are absolutely in love with.

Rulebook Translations

You will be happy to hear that those of you requesting rules in German, French and Spanish will not only receive translated versions of these, but expertly done translations! The publishers are pros at what they do and there's a big difference from us giving the rulebook to a standard translator and working with a publisher who employs game designers as well as translators to adapt the text to fit gaming nuances in the language. These will either be mailed out to backers who request the relevant language or be available from a secure site on the co-publishers website. Either way they will be available to you.

Miniature and Dice Pics

Ok, I was personally against sending out photos of miniatures after seeing other campaigns do so and incite a revolt with their backers simply because the shots they posted don't do the miniatures justice when seen with the naked eye. It's difficult to get plastic miniatures looking on camera as they do in real life, but we've had a stab at it. Note that these are the final production miniatures - what you'll be receiving in the box, not the masters.  We've included some shots with miniatures from other games so you can factor in the crappy photo effect.

Tengu Kai Henchlady + Zombicide Zombie


Bouncer (Saboteur) + Imperial Assault Storm Trooper


Prez Backa and Front

Honestly, with such realistic miniatures we couldn't have hoped for better results. With horror, sci-fi and fantasy miniatures the sculptor can exaggerate features, especially heads, so that the loss of detail and shrinkage that happens in the production process is mitigated. With proportionate, realistic human figures, this was much harder.  Both the sculptor, Slawek from Titanforge, and the factory did a great job.

Hope you like them as much as we do!

Have a good weekend all.