Update #42 - Miniature Pics, Episode 2

Hey everyone, so last week we showed you some of the baddy miniatures.  This week we'll be shining the spotlight on some Hero minis.  Hope you like 'em! 

Little Gudrun



Reverend Gray

Kaja Baksi


And finally... here are the dice!

That's it for now.  In the next update I'll be popping up some painted pretties. Someone asked for a guide on how to paint them. To be honest I wouldn't know where to start. While I stopped painting about ten years ago aside from a mini here and there, I used to paint quite a lot since I was a kid, including painting for competitions etc.  I've internalised my painting techniques to the point where I'm not sure I can explain what I do exactly unless someone is sitting next to me and I explain what I'm doing as I'm doing it. Sorry!

Till the next one!