1x Nights of Fire + 1x Days & Nights + 1x Yuri & Noel

After the successful uprising of 23rd October 1956, freedom and peace seemed at hand. But the hard earned victory was not to last: On November 3rd 1956 the Soviets arrest the Hungarian delegation negotiating for the country’s sovereignty and order their troops to push towards Budapest. During the early hours of the next morning the city wakes up to sounds of tank and artillery fire. The Soviet counter-attack, codenamed Operation Whirlwind, has begun.  

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Nights of Fire:  Battle for Budapest

Relive the desperate fight of the few thousand lightly armed insurgents as they face the Red Army commanded by Marshal Konev in this historically inspired card-driven board game playable by 1-3 players.

Nights of Fire is a thematic sequel to the well received Days of Ire. While directly connected in theme to Days of IreNights of Fire is a standalone game which can be played solocooperatively by 2 players, or by 1-2 players against a live opponent in charge of the Soviet troops. 


Days & Nights: Red Army Pack

Days & Nights: Red Army Pack is an add-on pack that contains 28 miniatures compatible with both Days of Ire and Nights of FireIt also contains a small deck expansion to Nights of Fireand an additional deck allowing campaign play

In Campaign mode you can play a game of Days of Ire followed by a game of Nights of Fire (solo, cooperative, or conflict mode up to 1v2 supported), and have the winner decided only at the end!